Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

11 June 2024

The Planned Decrease in PSP Tokens Has Occurred

Due to the implementation of the technically complex Splitting 2.0 solution, all the team’s resources are directed towards the pool for the buyback of splits, so the launch of the PREMIUM pool is postponed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure even more rewards in the main ULTIMA token and activate as many PREMIUM contracts as possible!

Participate in the promo and get 320% more PSP tokens:


Ultima’s Flagship Blockchain Technology of the Future: What is Splitting?

Splitting allows you to get daily rewards in the ULTIMA token for providing liquidity to pools and interact directly with the blockchain.

Three million members of the Ultima community already successfully use this technology, receiving daily rewards in the ecosystem’s main token.

Watch the video to learn how to consistently get rewards, regardless of the crypto market situation:

Alex Reinhardt and SMART BLOCKCHAIN

Digital assets open up a whole new level of financial accessibility. Alex Reinhardt, a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and one of the leaders in the field, has earned the trust of millions of users with his innovative SMART BLOCKCHAIN.

The German media outlet WiWi-TReFF spoke in detail about SMART BLOCKCHAIN and its role in the modern world in the article:


Wishing you an active week!