Ultima Blog

What is Ultima?

Ultima is a unique and innovative crypto tool designed for mass use. Ultima's mission is to provide millions of people cut off from classic fintech services access to global financial infrastructure and instant payments worldwide. Ultima is much more than a regular cryptocurrency. It is a large ecosystem that includes many crypto products. These include the Ultima Crypto Debit Card, the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform, a marketplace, own farming token, token mining licenses, farming products and other products.

The "Ultima" Section

This section includes news posted about the Ultima project. Including weekly reports on key events: new listings, publications in the media, blogger publications, ecosystem product updates, promotions, webinars by the Ultima founder Alex Reinhardt, and more.

The "News" Section

This section reveals news about the crypto industry and individual information about the Ultima project. We cover technical updates to Ultima and other projects, monitor legislative changes regarding cryptocurrencies, and publish other vital news about the industry.

The "Cyptoglossary" Section

Here we explain in plain language the key terms of the crypto industry. You will discover what smart contracts are, all about mining, what charts are and how they can differ.

"Publications in the media" Section

You can find links to Ultima and Alex Reinhardt's publications in this section. Publications covered include specialist articles about fintech and cryptocurrencies, including major tabloids. Likewise, foremost publications such as The Guardian, Forbes, Coinspeaker and others that have written about us previously.

Help Centre section

Here we have gathered all the answers to working with the Ultima ecosystem: from registering on the website to withdrawing coins obtained via minting.
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16 July 2024
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5 July 2024
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26 June 2024