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2 May 2024

ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024 — the main event of the month

The ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024 event has ended. Over 2,000 guests immersed themselves in a pleasant atmosphere, learned first about the launch of new products, and were energized for the year ahead!

The Ultima team has set out extensive plans and a clear development strategy for 2024, an important part of which was the launch of technological innovations, and presented revolutionary blockchain products to the community:

  • Smart Defender cold wallet — a reliable protector for working with your digital assets in the SMART WALLET crypto wallet. Soon, everyone will be able to fully appreciate all its advantages.
  • New liquidity pool — Premium Pool and Premium split contracts — promo packages with a 400% increase in PSP tokens for even greater rewards in ULTIMA:


  • Virtual ULTIMA CARD — a crypto card that can be used from almost anywhere in the world, providing its users with extraordinarily high limits — up to $100,000 per month!


  • Ultima Exchanger — an internal crypto exchanger that allows community members to quickly make exchanges within the Ultima ecosystem in the established directions.


  • ULTIMA TRAVEL — a platform where you can book hotels, cruises, rent cars, and pay for other activities at the most favorable prices:


  • umarkt.com marketplace — the opportunity to buy any goods from more than 100 categories and have them delivered to nearly 220 countries around the world:


  • In the near future, ultima-games.com — a gaming platform that will help expand the Ultima community and make it even more powerful — will be fully operational!

A 5% Freezing Fee has also been introduced for all ULTIMA transactions, which will go to the VIP pool and be frozen there. This will further reduce the amount of ULTIMA in circulation and increase its value.

ULTIMA has passed verification by the authoritative auditing company Certik, which confirmed the decentralization of smart contracts.

The Ultima ecosystem thanks everyone who shared this day with us! More new discoveries and achievements await us!


Introducing ULTIMA EXCHANGER — a new product that provides the ability to quickly and easily convert your digital currencies within the Ultima ecosystem on the ultima.io website. Currently, three exchange directions are available: exchanging USDT for ULTIMA, USDT for SMART, and ULTIMA for SMART. In this guide, we will tell you how to exchange these cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Read more about ULTIMA EXCHANGER here

Premium Access to Ultima Rewards with PREMIUM Contracts

Discover the truly premium DeFi-U product — the PREMIUM pool and PREMIUM split contracts, which open exclusive access to daily rewards in ULTIMA tokens!

PREMIUM split contracts are combined packages that include a license and contract. They grant the right to own the Premium split token, or PSP. Storing the PSP token on the SMART WALLET enables you to get ULTIMA daily into your wallet directly from the PREMIUM pool.

Important things to know:

  • There are 12 types of contracts available, ranging from Light to Ultima.
  • ULTIMA halving, or the reduction of rewards from the PREMIUM pool, will occur every 5,000,000 blocks.
  • At the start, the PREMIUM pool will distribute only 25.92 ULTIMA daily among all PSP holders!
  • Withdrawals of PSP tokens will start on June 1, 2024

Take full advantage of the splitting technology and the PREMIUM pool now: defiu.com

Start getting acquainted with DeFi-U with one click using the new assistant bot on Telegram

We are pleased to introduce the assistant bot on Telegram @faststartultima_bot, which operates in 5 languages, provides detailed instructions about DeFi-U, and helps you take your first steps in working with the product!

Go ahead, use it, and share with others: @faststartultima_bot

Ultima in the Media

Major online media outlets from around the world continue to write about Ultima. They note the uniqueness of splitting as an alternative to mining and staking, giving due credit to the contribution Ultima makes to the process of adopting cryptocurrencies as a payment method alongside fiat currencies.

Live Bitcoin News Media OutletCoinMarketCap 
The brainchild of Alex Reinhardt, the leader and expert in blockchain technology, SMART Blockchain has become an innovative project that accelerates digital transactions and the development of decentralized applications.
Live Bitcoin News has spoken in detail about SMART Blockchain and its contribution to the development of the modern blockchain industry.
In February, the ULTIMA token went through its first halving — a planned process of reducing rewards in ULTIMA tokens from liquidity pools. For ULTIMA, halving is a key growth driver, confirming the ecosystem’s commitment to a hyperdeflationary development strategy.
In the CoinMarketCap article, the author tried to reveal the significance of halving for the first digital currency — bitcoin, and the developing blockchain ecosystem with the native ULTIMA token.
Read the article https://www.livebitcoinnews.com/embracing-change-alex-reinhardts-approach-to-blockchain-innovation/  More details: https://coinmarketcap.com/community/articles/660ebf58a41278507cd09a0a/

We remind you that our team regularly prepares up-to-date instructions for working with Ultima products, as well as exchanges where our token is listed. Instructions are available in both text and video formats.

If you prefer textual materials, we invite you to our Help Center, and if you prefer video, welcome to our YouTube channel. Playlists are available in more than ten languages.

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We thank each of you for choosing Ultima and your contribution to the development of the community and ecosystem! Our team continues to work intensively to delight you with new products and solutions!

See you in the next digest!