Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Past Week!

13 May 2024

How Alex Reinhardt Approaches Expanding Entrepreneurial Opportunities

According to venture capitalist and entrepreneur Alex Reinhardt, critical thinking, resilience, communication skills, adaptability, and learnability are keys to success in the modern and rapidly changing world. These skills are essential for today’s entrepreneurs, and anyone can develop such qualities if they set a goal.

Read more about Alex Reinhardt’s success secrets and how to grow a leader within yourself in the article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/smallbusiness/empowering-entrepreneurs-insights-from-alex-reinhardts-approach/ar-BB1lQDiQ

Halving: Impact on the Use and Adoption of the ULTIMA Token

How to preserve the long-term value of cryptocurrency and strengthen the community? The ULTIMA team has a clear answer.

With its hyper-deflationary long-term development strategy, ULTIMA preserves value with its limited supply. Only 100 thousand ULTIMA coins were issued, of which 27 thousand are available in the market, and only 17 thousand are in circulation.

The German publication Aktien Check spoke in detail about the hyper-deflation mechanism, the halving that occurred, and the development strategy, with particular attention to ULTIMA: https://www.aktiencheck.de/exklusiv/Artikel-Ultimas_Halbierungs_Event_Einblicke_Token_Nutzung_und_Adaption-16841332

How to Get 340% More PSP Tokens

The PREMIUM split contract allows you to own Premium split tokens. For storing these tokens users get daily rewards from the PREMIUM pool for providing it with liquidity.

PSP token withdrawals start on June 1, 2024. Take part in the promo and get 340% more PSP tokens for future daily rewards in ULTIMA directly from the PREMIUM pool!


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