Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

18 June 2024

The Big Launch of PREMIUM, ROYAL, and BUSINESS Pools 2.0 on August 1st!

The Ultima development team is actively working on the implementation of technically complex products. One of them is Splitting 2.0—a special buyback pool that allows every user to give their splits back at any time and reclaim the liquidity provided to the pool in ULTIMA.

All three pools—PREMIUM, ROYAL, and BUSINESS 2.0—are set for a big launch on August 1, 2024! For technical and economic reasons, this decision will help support the growth of the ULTIMA token’s value and give everyone who hasn’t yet managed to purchase ULTIMA the opportunity to do so now.

Buy ULTIMA at just the right time—before the big launch!

A Chance to Get 300% More PSP Tokens!

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How Halving Affects the Value of the ULTIMA Token

The Ultima ecosystem is known for its hyperdeflationary strategy and limited token supply in the crypto market—only 100,000 tokens. In the constantly changing crypto landscape, it is crucial to adapt to new situations while maintaining value.

The German media outlet Digital Fernsehen spoke in detail about the secret behind Ultima’s success and the effect of halving on the ecosystem’s development in its article: https://www.digitalfernsehen.de/news/medien-news/international/ultimas-fahrplan-zur-verknappung-die-auswirkungen-der-halbierung-auf-den-wert-des-ultima-tokens-1115718/

Wishing you an active week!