Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

4 June 2024

We Have Extended the Opportunity to Get 340% More PSP Tokens!

The Ultima team has now directed all its efforts towards launching Staking 2.0 technology and supporting current capacities. For this reason, the launch of the PREMIUM pool will occur later than planned.

Users who didn’t manage to participate in the promo can do that right now, as we have extended the opportunity to get 340% more PSP tokens in the promo!


Key Information About Staking in the SMART BLOCKCHAIN Network

Staking 2.0: What is it, how do you get key network resources, and how can you reduce the costs of conducting transactions and working with smart contracts?

Answers to these questions can be found in the webinar on the staking technology:

Staking 2.0 in SMART WALLET

Now, thanks to the new technology, transactions can become much cheaper or even free. Staking 2.0 optimizes and reduces costs when making transactions in the SMART Blockchain.

Choose which resource you want to freeze SMART for: Bandwidth or Energy, and start the staking process!

Get the most out of the staking technology by updating your SMART WALLET to version 1.20.0!


Read more about the technology in the article:

Wishing you an active week!