Only 6 days left before promo packs with split licenses go on sale

25 August 2023

In just 6 days there will be the launch of sales of split license packages providing you with 5 times the split limit!

Check out our promo packages:

  • BASIC: 15 + 60 of split limit
  • PRO: 500 + 2000 of  split limit
  • DIAMOND: 10,000 + 40,000 of split limit

It is important that you will be able to buy split licenses in promo packages only for Ultima.

It won’t be possible to purchase promotional split licenses for SMART or for balances, including ULTIMA Upgrade Balance. We recommend stocking up with Ultima

Promo packs with an increased limit will be available for a short time only. Don’t waste the opportunity to become one of the first holders of split licenses!