The Highlights of the Previous Ultima Week!

14 September 2023

Dear Ultima Community, we are bringing you the latest updates from the past week, showcasing the innovative offerings within the DeFi-U ecosystem.

ULTIMA Token Soars Over 50% on Coinsbit Exchange 

Over the past week, the Ultima token has experienced a remarkable surge of more than 50% on the Coinsbit crypto exchange. This sustained upward trajectory is indicative of the ever-growing demand from our vibrant and extensive community for this infrastructure token

ULTIMA/USDT trading pair on Coinsbit: https://coinsbit.io/trade_classic/ULTIMA_USDT

How Do You Pay for a Split License from the Coinsbit Exchange?

In the world of DeFi-U, it’s the split license that proves to be the most crucial, determining the split limit and opening doors to future split contracts.

For detailed instructions on acquiring a license from the exchange, please visit our Help Center: https://blog.platinworld.com/en/help-center/

How Do You Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in Smart Pass?

For ULTIMA product transactions, safeguarding your account is more important than anything else. To achieve this, we recommend implementing Google 2FA as your primary method of two-factor authentication.

To enhance your account security using Google 2FA, refer to our Help Center in the Additional Useful Information section: https://blog.platinworld.com/en/help-center/#tab3

We wish you the most productive week ahead!