SMART WALLET 1.2.0 update

24 August 2023

We’re excited to share the big news! There’s a new update of SMART WALLET, a unique multifunctional crypto wallet using the Smart Blockchain network, available at Google Play.

Some of major updates:

Added minimum balance functionality 

The minimum balance is the amount that must be on your balance to make transactions with SMART and ULTIMA. You must have at least 150 SMART on your balance. If you don’t have enough tokens in your wallet, the app will send you a notification.

New feature: auto-addition of digital assets 

Tap the button and choose which crypto assets you want to see on your home screen

A network fee in SMART could significantly increase the demand for the mothercoin among the community and increase its value.

Smart Wallet makes interacting with digital assets easier by a wide margin. Create multiple wallets and switch between them in a single tap.

Upgrade your SMART WALLET now and start exploring the world of digital assets: