Ultima ecosystem’s main news from the past week 

6 February 2024

GOLD Split Contracts: One product for your long-term rewards in ULTIMA from the GOLD Pool

We have launched GOLD POOL with GOLD Split Contracts! GOLD Split Contracts are packages that determine the user’s right to own GOLD SPLIT tokens.

The main feature of the GOLD Split Contract is that it includes both a license and a contract! Now, to get long-term rewards from the GOLD Pool, it is sufficient to purchase only the GOLD Split Contract package!

How to do this, see here: https://blog.ultima-business.com/en/faq-item/how-to-purchase-the-split-contracts-gold-package/

Please note that withdrawals of GOLD SPLIT tokens to the SMART WALLET will be available starting on March 1, 2024!

Last chance to increase your rewards in ULTIMA with UNITY Split Licenses promo

UNITY Split Licenses with a 5x increased split limit – your opportunity to start getting long-term rewards in ULTIMA for holding UNITY SPLIT! The following packages are currently available: LIGHT, AIR, STARTER.

Moreover, the UNITY Split License promo with an additional split limit will become unavailable in just 4 days! Hurry up and get your maximum rewards in ULTIMA today: DefiU.com

ULTIMA in the top 300 cryptocurrencies on the CoinMarketCap crypto aggregator

The ULTIMA token is now listed in the top 300 on CoinMarketCap – a reputable aggregator of digital assets and other important indicators from the crypto world!

This is an important indicator and achievement that strengthens the position of the ULTIMA token in the international crypto arena! Moving forward, towards new goals! https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ultima/


This weekend, crypto enthusiasts from around the world gathered to learn more about the already implemented plans of the ULTIMA ecosystem, such as the launch of the cashback platform UltimaCashback.com, the UltimaStore.com marketplace, the launch of the ULTIMA CARD crypto card – ucrypto.cards, listings on global exchanges, verification on crypto aggregators, and much more. Plans for the near future of the ecosystem were also discussed

We wish you a productive week!