Ultima’s top news of the week

16 October 2023

Dear friends, let’s share the latest events of this busy week.

Get maximum benefits with UNITY SPLIT promotional licenses

The ULTIMA team has developed special UNITY SPLIT licenses that give you a quick start in Ultima!

UNITY SPLIT license is the first and most important step that unlocks the opportunity to earn lifetime rewards in ULTIMA for owning UNITY SPLIT tokens. Every week the UNITY SPLIT limit in these licenses will decrease by 25%, and in one month it will drop by 100%!

Right now, promo packages of UNITY SPLIT licenses are available for every member of our community, which increases the SPLIT limit by 6 times. This means you can earn 6 times more rewards in ULTIMA!

Don’t miss your chance to maximize your SPLIT limit and start interacting with blockchain technology today: DeFiu.com

Pay for UNITY SPLIT licenses with SMART Coin

Promo packages of UNITY SPLIT licenses can be paid with a SMART coin directly from your SMART Swapping Balance.

To pay for a UNITY SPLIT license with a SMART coin, follow these steps:

  • Go to DeFiU.com and select UNITY SPLIT license.
  • Select the SMART Swap Balance payment method..

Start trading the ULTIMA/USDT pair on the MEXC exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC has added the ULTIMA token! MEXC now has more than 10 million users from over 170 countries and regions, and daily trading volume exceeds $814 million!

You can trade ULTIMA/USDT at the following link: https://www.mexc.com/exchange/ULTIMA_USDT.

We wish you a productive week!