Split contracts — your opportunity to earn rewards in ULTIMA

3 October 2023

We have some important news to share! From today split contracts are available for purchase for every member of the Ultima community

A split contract is a package that defines your right to own SPLIT tokens and their quantity. Once activated, SPLIT tokens will be credited to your balance, entitling you to receive lifetime rewards in Ultima tokens!

It is possible to purchase a split token only within the available split limit. As a reminder, it is the split license purchased that determines your split limit!

Therefore, you can choose one of the 12 split contracts that are suitable for you.

The most important thing is that the delegated liquidity pool will start distributing no more than 50 Ultima per day evenly among all SPLIT token holders! This means that the more SPLIT you have, the more reward you will receive!

Note that each SPLIT owner can claim Ultima rewards no more than once a day!

Please note that for transactions with ULTIMA, the blockchain charges a fee:

Pool Fee — 3% in Ultima (returned to the liquidity pool);

Burn Fee — 2% in SMART (sent to the burn wallet).

From this moment on, the innovative DeFi-U has gone full steam ahead. Activate split contracts and start your journey into the world of blockchain technology DefiU.com