Additional issuance of ULTIMA tokens is not possible

11 October 2023

ULTIMA is a hyper-deflationary token of the large-scale blockchain ecosystem! This means that it complies with the main mechanisms of hyper-deflation: strictly limited supply and limited circulation of Ultima tokens in the market.

Mechanisms contributing to a hyper-deflationary strategy:

Halving, or the planned process of reducing the daily reward in Ultima among all SPLIT holders. Right now, the daily reward is 51.84 Ultima. By the next halving, the number will be reduced to 25.92 Ultima!

A delegated liquidity pool that issues daily rewards and has nearly 80,000 Ultima tokens permanently “frozen.”

Limited 100,000 Ultima token supply: indicates that it is not possible to issue additional Ultima tokens. This is confirmed by the method prescribed in the code – Renounce Ownership.

Renounce Ownership is a public proof that the developer and creator of the cryptocurrency no longer has any rights and control over the digital asset. They also don’t have the ability to make changes to the cryptocurrency’s code.

Relinquishing ownership of a cryptocurrency is a mechanism for increasing decentralization. This mechanism signals that a company is committed to creating an even more decentralized ecosystem where no one has any type of control or influence.

Proof of Ultima’s right to disclaim ownership and the inability to make any changes is available on the blockchain explorer: https://smartexplorer.com/transaction/baedf9a4735c1e949b8080d3e12b8d35512689a47b97784562688c3a63af54ee