Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

26 June 2024

The PREMIUM Pool Launch is Coming Soon! Hurry to Get 280% More PSP Tokens

By activating a PREMIUM split contract, you will receive ULTIMA in your wallet for holding PSP tokens directly from the PREMIUM pool!

Soon, the PREMIUM pool will be connected to Splitting 2.0, thanks to which each user can give their splits back and reclaim the liquidity provided to the pool in ULTIMA at any time!


What is the SMART BLOCKCHAIN Block Explorer?

A web tool that allows users to view data stored in the blockchain is called a block explorer. It provides information about transactions, blocks, addresses, and other elements of the blockchain network in an easy-to-understand format.

Read about how the SMART BLOCKCHAIN block explorer works in the article: http://blog.ultima-business.com/en/faq-item/overview-of-the-smart-blockchain-explorer/

Blockchain explorer website: smartexplorer.com

ULTIMA Token: How Do You Work With It?

ULTIMA, the main token of the ecosystem, is used as a payment method in many products. It operates on the powerful SMART BLOCKCHAIN and is traded on top exchanges, from Gate.io to CoinW.com!

Learn more about the strategy for working with ULTIMA in the video tutorial:

We wish you an active week!