Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

5 July 2024

Only Now Can You Get 240% More PSP Tokens Thanks to the Promo

Receive ULTIMA to your wallet directly from the PREMIUM pool for storing PSP tokens thanks to the PREMIUM split contract!

Soon, every user will be able to give their splits back at any moment and reclaim the liquidity provided to the pool in ULTIMA after connecting the PREMIUM pool to Splitting 2.0.


The Battle Bulls Player Count Is Rapidly Increasing!

Dear founders, we are thrilled to announce that we have become the fastest-growing Play2Earn game in the world! All thanks to you! To let as many people as possible know about the game and its unique opportunities, spread the word about Battle Bulls and share your referral link.

The promo code BOOSTER gives 4,000,000 game euros to EVERYONE who activates it!

The Webinar With Alex Reinhardt

The founder of Ultima shared important news about the launch of a new product and more:

  • The Battle Bulls game: key information about the new product of 2024;
  • New pools and their place in the Ultima ecosystem;
  • All about Splitting 3.0 technology;
  • Other relevant information from the founder.

We wish you an active week!