Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Past Week!

6 May 2024

Getting 360% more PSP tokens… Is it possible?

Yes! By entering into a PREMIUM split contract, you get the opportunity to own Premium split tokens. Now, you can receive daily rewards from the PREMIUM pool for providing it with liquidity.

PSP token withdrawals begin on June 1, 2024!

Hurry to take part in the promo and get 360% more PSP tokens for future daily rewards in ULTIMA directly from the PREMIUM pool.


How did the ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024 in Dubai go?

We are pleased to announce that one of the grand and significant events of 2024 for the Ultima community, the ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024 in Dubai, has taken place.

This massive event gathered over two thousand participants who were the first to learn about the launch of new, unparalleled blockchain products, engaged in powerful networking, and got energized for the entire year ahead!

We invite you to relive this day and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024:

Payment for GOLD-split contracts is available with USPLIT tokens!

Owners of USPLIT tokens can take advantage of the unique opportunity to increase their rewards in the main ULTIMA token!

Maximize your benefits by entering into even more smart contracts!


We wish you a productive week!