Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

20 May 2024

340% More PSP Tokens: We’ve Extended the Opportunity to Get Them!

If you want to get as many PSP tokens as possible for your daily rewards in ULTIMA, the promo is a great opportunity to do so! Splitting 2.0 is a unique technology that distinguishes the PREMIUM pool from others. At any time, every user can return the splits and reclaim the liquidity provided in ULTIMA.

Get 340% more PSP tokens before the next reduction by signing the PREMIUM split contract!


Blockchain 2024: Alex Reinhardt Is Among the Top-5 Leading Blockchain Innovators

Alex Reinhardt—blockchain expert, venture investor, economist—has entered the list of top-5 blockchain leaders of 2024 according to MPost.

His dedication to his work and the meticulous effort of his team have led to the creation of unique and reliable blockchain products that benefit people and maintain leading market positions.

Alongside Alex Reinhardt, the list includes notable figures such as the entrepreneur behind the integration of Dogecoin and Neuralink, Elon Musk, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, and Web3 Foundation founder Gavin Wood.

Learn who is shaping the future of blockchain technology in the MPost article: https://mpost.io/2024s-leading-blockchain-experts-5-innovators-shaping-the-future/

Ultima’s Hyperdeflationary Ecosystem Model

The crypto community is significantly expanding each year, with experts discussing how to protect against inflation and volatility. Meanwhile, the Ultima ecosystem has found a solution to counter these processes with its hyperdeflationary strategy and the tools that support it.

The Coinpaper media outlet has determined the role of halving in the ecosystem and thoroughly explored Ultima’s hyperdeflationary model: https://coinpaper.com/4187/understanding-ultima-s-tokenomics-a-guide-to-supply-demand-and-hyperdeflation

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