Ultima in March

2 April 2024

Launch of the GOLD Pool

The main event of the month was the launch of the GOLD pool — the most profitable way to obtain ULTIMA tokens to date.

The GOLD pool is an eternal pool that will evenly distribute a total of 25.92 ULTIMA among all holders of GOLD split tokens. And most importantly, the maximum supply of GOLD split tokens is limited to only 1,000,000! This means that once this number is reached, it will be impossible to get more GOLD splits.

The best part is that the owner of a GOLD split contract automatically receives cashback points on their balance, which is necessary for all purchases at global.ultimastore.com! Meanwhile, the number of cashback points received is continuously decreasing, so it’s important not to delay purchasing the package!

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Friends, all event guests will be able to get the Ultima Card crypto debit card absolutely free! ULTIMA CARD is distinguished by exceptionally high limits for payments through POS terminals — up to 10,000 euros daily, a spending limit of up to 100,000 euros per month, and the ability to top up the card from any crypto wallet!

To receive ULTIMA CARD at the event, guests must complete the KYC verification in advance on the ucryptocard.com website. If the verification is successfully completed, on the day of receiving the card, it is necessary to show a personal account with completed KYC verification, as well as a passport or ID.

ULTIMA CARD can be received at pre-registration:

April 12

11:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Each event participant can receive one ULTIMA CARD and only with the personal documents.

Top Up Your ULTIMA CARD with Balance Recharge Vouchers

Balance recharge vouchers for the Ultima Card crypto card are now available on global.ultimastore.com.

Balance recharge vouchers are packages of 12 vouchers that allow you to top up your ULTIMA CARD balance. It’s important to note that immediately after paying for a voucher, the first code for topping up the card will become available to you.

You can activate the code on the ucryptocard.com website in the Recharge section, by selecting the Voucher top-up method and ticking the corresponding box.

There are 4 types of vouchers available for users:

  • A package of 12 vouchers with a nominal value of 110 euros
  • A package of 12 vouchers with a nominal value of 1,100 euros
  • A package of 12 vouchers with a nominal value of 5,500 euros
  • A package of 12 vouchers with a nominal value of 10,000 euros

ULTIMA CARD website: ucryptocard.com

ULTIMA CARD —  your faithful guide to the world of instant transactions


GATE.IO Exchange Lists SMART

GATE.IO, one of the top 10 largest crypto exchanges, has listed the SMART coin! It’s worth noting that the exchange holds leading positions in trading volume, with a daily volume exceeding $2 billion!

According to CoinGecko, the Trust Score for the exchange is a full 10 out of 10 points, indicating the high quality of its operations and commitment to strict security rules.

Trading with the SMART/USDT pair is available at this link: https://www.gate.io/trade/SMART_USDT

Get to Know DeFi-U with a Click Using the New Telegram Bot-Assistant

We are excited to introduce our Telegram bot-assistant @faststartultima_bot, available in 5 languages, providing detailed instructions about DeFi-U and helping you take the first steps with the product!

Go ahead, use it, and share with others: @faststartultima_bot

Coinstore Lists ULTIMA

The Coinstore crypto exchange has listed the ULTIMA token, which continues to conquer exchanges worldwide, strengthening its global presence!

It’s noteworthy that Coinstore has more than 5.1 million active users and a daily trading volume of over $271 million!

ULTIMA/USDT trading started: www.coinstore.com

Ultima in the Media

Leading online media outlets from around the world continue to write about Ultima, SMART Blockchain, and the ecosystem’s founder, Alex Reinhardt. They highlight the uniqueness of splitting as an alternative to mining and staking, recognizing the contribution Ultima is making towards the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a payment method alongside fiat currencies.

Remember: to read the article in your native language, you can enable the publication’s auto-translate feature in your browser at the top of the screen

TimestabloidBusiness Insider Africa
The SMART BLOCKCHAIN project, created by Alex Reinhardt, aims to address critical issues of scalability, transaction speed, and other essential blockchain aspects.
What sets SMART BLOCKCHAIN apart from other projects, and the role of decentralization in it — these and other questions are answered in this article:

Business Insider Africa published a ranking of the top 10 blockchain experts of 2024 that everyone should know, which includes Alex Reinhardt! He is listed alongside entrepreneur Elon Musk, director of SpaceX and Tesla, Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, Charlie Lee, director of Litecoin Foundation, and many other industry leaders!
What ideas and projects helped Alex get a prestigious spot in the ranking and how he achieves brilliant results, read right now:
GetBlockTech Times 
One significant event in the cryptocurrency world is the halving, directly affecting the token supply in the crypto market.
February saw the first ULTIMA halving, marking an important milestone not just for the token but for the entire ecosystem!
GetBlock spoke in detail about what halving is and the potential changes it can bring.
The authoritative publication Tech Times included the ULTIMA token in the top 5 deflationary cryptocurrencies ranking, noted for their development strategy.
According to the publication, a hyper-deflationary strategy, limited supply of tokens in the market, and a strong community are key factors for ULTIMA’s growth. Alongside ULTIMA, the ranking includes cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and ZCash.

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