Weekly Updates at Ultima

21 November 2023

Opportunity to acquire UNITY split licenses with a x3 split limit extended

The team has made a decision to once again extend the opportunity to acquire UNITY split licenses! Users who have managed to acquire split-licenses with triple split limit will have a unique chance to secure three times more rewards in the main token of the ULTIMA ecosystem! In just 4 days, the split limit will decrease by an entire 10% and will continue to decrease every week

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ULTIMA on CoinGecko 

The largest cryptocurrency data aggregator, CoinGecko, has added the ULTIMA token to its site! The platform provides in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market and has brought together over 10 million users worldwide!

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ULTIMA catches the wave of crypto market trends

Indian publication Trade Brains considers DeFi-U from ULTIMA a revolution in the blockchain world—the technology simplifies the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

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