Ultima’s main events for the past week of November!

14 November 2023

New useful guide 

The Ultima team has prepared an important guide on how to get rewards in ULTIMA by holding VIP SPLIT and UNITY SPLIT. Remember that this is possible thanks to the unique DeFi-U product, allowing direct interaction with the blockchain and receiving rewards in ULTIMA for holding split tokens.

A video tutorial on how to request rewards in ULTIMA in Smart Wallet can be found on our YouTube channel in the Tutorials playlist: https://www.youtube.com/@ULTIMA_OFFICIAL/playlists 

Swapping until August 24, 2023, will be recalculated according to new rules

From November 11, all swaps made before the specified date have been updated according to new standards.

Changes are already reflected in the swap history, and SMART coins have already been credited to the balance!

Learn more: plcswapping.com

Last chance for UNITY split licenses with an extended limit

Due to high demand and participants’ desire to maximize rewards in ULTIMA, the team has decided to extend the promotion with UNITY split licenses.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get promo packages with an increased limit: DeFiU.com

Webinars from Ultima Founder Alex Reinhardt 

This week, Alex will conduct a series of webinars for the community. Participants will learn the latest news and will be able to ask questions to the founder!

The webinar schedule, as always, is available on our Telegram channels.