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10 October 2023

More than 2 million SPLIT tokens in 9 days

At the beginning of October, we launched split contracts, and in just 9 days the network was filled with more than 2 million SPLIT tokens. These tokens provide the opportunity to earn permanent rewards in Ultima, the infrastructure token of the ecosystem!

The number of SPLIT tokens is increasing by the minute, which means you need to enter into a smart contract for SPLIT tokens as early as possible to get the maximum rewards!

Basic principles of Smart Wallet secure use

Thanks to the decentralization and security principles built into the wallet, your digital assets are always well protected. But it’s also worth remembering and not neglecting the daily rules of digital security.

Learn in our Help Center, how to do this in your SMART WALLET: https://blog.platinworld.com/en/faq-item/basics-of-secure-smart-wallet-handling/

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How the ULTIMA ecosystem simplifies interaction with DeFi

The ULTIMA ecosystem aims to integrate blockchain technology into everyday life and make it easier to work with this technology. That’s why the team has developed DeFi-U, an innovative product, which allows users to get rewards in the Ultima infrastructure token easily and quickly.

The Blockchain Reporter expressed interest in the Ultima ecosystem. What impressed the publishers’ team? Read here: https://blockchainreporter.net/ultima-ecosystem-opens-up-easy-access-to-the-complex-world-of-defi/

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