Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News of the Week!

28 May 2024

Resources for Free Transactions in the Network with Staking 2.0 on SMART WALLET!

Our team is excited to announce the launch of staking 2.0 on SMART WALLET. With this new technology, transactions will become much more cost-effective or even free. This will help optimize and reduce costs when making transactions in SMART WALLET.

Staking technology involves freezing SMART coins, for which users get key network resources such as Bandwidth and Energy, necessary for conducting transactions and smart contracts without additional fees.

Don’t forget to update your SMART WALLET to version 1.20.0 to get the most out of the staking technology!


Learn more about the staking technology in the article:

The UNITY Pool is Out of Circulation. What Does This Mean?

The reason for the removal of the UNITY pool is that all the liquidity provided by users and the rewards in ULTIMA have been fully distributed. 

Now, every holder of UNITY split tokens can pay for and enter into a GOLD split contract using the UNITY split payment method. To do this, you need to perform two simple steps:

  1. Choose one of the GOLD split contracts;
  2. When selecting the payment method, specify UNITY SPLIT.

Due to the removal of the UNITY pool from circulation, the market will no longer get 750 ULTIMA per month, which will positively impact ULTIMA’s growth.

All About the Hyperdeflationary Model of ULTIMA

Our ecosystem constantly stimulates growth and community interest, serving as a shining example of a developing crypto enthusiast community. Already, 3 million users in 120 countries around the world are using Ultima ecosystem products.

Learn more about Ultima and the ecosystem’s hyperdeflationary model in the German media outlet Wallstreet Online: https://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachricht/18098308-ultimas-community-wachstum-hyper-engagement-antreibt

Wishing you an active week!