Ultima Ecosystem’s Main News From the Past Week!

15 April 2024

Unforgettable major event ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024 

Friends, the Ultima team is grateful to everyone who shared this important event with us and attended the first major event of 2024! We present real products and achievements that distinguish the Ultima ecosystem from others:

ULTIMA TRAVEL travel platform, virtual ULTIMA CARD, Smart Defender cold wallet, exclusive marketplace Umarkt.com, ULTIMA GAMES, and much more!

Thank you, everyone, for your support! Together, we will reach new heights and write a new history

SMART BLOCKCHAIN: Alex Reinhardt’s new approach to blockchain innovation

A leader and expert in blockchain technology, Alex Reinhardt’s brainchild, SMART Blockchain has become an innovative project that accelerates digital transactions and the development of decentralized applications.

The publication Live Bitcoin News has spoke in detail about SMART Blockchain and its contribution to the development of the modern blockchain industry:

SMART WALLET 1.17.0: BTC, ETH, Tether ERC-20, USDC ERC-20 in your wallet

The team continues to improve SMART WALLET, constantly working to increase the number of supported digital assets! Now in SMART WALLET presented:

  • Bitcoin — now your crypto wallet can easily send and receive the first cryptocurrency in an instant!
  • Ethereum — the digital asset that is also supported by SMART WALLET.
  • Tether ERC-20 (USDT) — USDT tokens operating on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • USDC ERC-20 (USDC) — tokens operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

Update your SMART WALLET right now!

We wish you a productive week!