15 April 2024

One of the key events of 2024 for the Ultima community, the ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024 in Dubai, has ended. Over two thousand participants enjoyed the special atmosphere, learned about the launch of new products, and gained energy for the coming year!

The Ultima team laid out extensive plans and a clear strategy for development in 2024, a crucial part of which was the launch of innovative technologies, and presented the community with blockchain products that will change their conventional understanding:

Smart Defender — a secure cold wallet for safe management of your crypto assets. You will be able to assess its capabilities very soon.

New liquidity pool — Premium Pool and Premium split contracts — promo packages with a 400% increase in the number of PSP tokens for even greater rewards in ULTIMA.

Подробнее: defiu.com

Virtual ULTIMA CARD — a crypto card usable worldwide with high limits up to $100,000 per month!

Learn more: virtual.ucryptocard.com

ULTIMA verification by the reputable auditing company Certik, which confirmed the decentralization of the smart contracts.

Ultima Exchanger — an internal exchange for quick transactions within the ecosystem in the directions of USDT — ULTIMA and ULTIMA — SMART.

Learn more: ultima.io

ULTIMA TRAVEL — your portal for booking hotels, cruises, and car rentals at the best prices!

Learn more: ultimatravel.com

Umarkt.com — a marketplace offering over 100 categories of products with delivery to 220 countries.

Learn more: umarkt.com

Introduction of a Freezing Fee of 5% on all transactions with ULTIMA, which will help reduce the number of tokens in circulation and increase their value.

Coming soon: ultima-games.com — a gaming platform to expand our community and strengthen its positions.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at this event! Ahead of us lie new achievements and discoveries!