2024 is the year of significant transformations for the ULTIMA ecosystem. 

9 January 2024

Friends, the outgoing 2023 has been a year of crucial beginnings for ULTIMA, marking the inception of pivotal events that will shape the ecosystem’s future. The team has dedicated maximum efforts to realize all planned initiatives, from launching its own SMART BLOCKCHAIN to listing and verification on the top-10 exchanges, and introducing a unique blockchain technology of getting rewards called splitting! 

Now is the time to discuss the team’s global plans for 2024:

Official launch of the GLOBAL ULTIMA CAR PROGRAM

ULTIMA’s car program has caused a sensation within the community, allowing thousands of participants to get luxury cars with up to 50% cashback in ULTIMA tokens. The highlight of 2024 will be the official launch of the GLOBAL ULTIMA CAR PROGRAM! Pre-registration begins on February 1, 2024, with the official launch scheduled for March 1, 2024. All updates will be available in our Telegram channels!

Launch of the marketplace and vouchers with the opportunity to receive up to 50% cashback in ULTIMA

In the new year, the team will introduce its own marketplace where every user can purchase vouchers from globally recognized stores and receive up to 50% cashback in the primary token of the ULTIMA ecosystem!

Grand launch of physical ULTIMA DEBIT CARDS 

Soon, every community member will have access to ULTIMA DEBIT CARDS supporting major digital assets, including ULTIMA, and popular fiat currencies.The ULTIMA crypto debit card is designed to make daily life even more convenient, allowing users to make purchases with their cards!

Upcoming halving in February 2024

A highly anticipated event is the first ULTIMA halving in February 2024, where the daily supply of ULTIMA to the market will be halved from 51.84 to 25.92 ULTIMA! Halving is a crucial event for the entire ecosystem, as the planned reduction in token supply will increase their value!

Launch of DEX and UltimEX

In 2024, the team plans to launch a decentralized exchange with enhanced security and privacy. Using blockchain and smart contracts, DEX facilitates direct trading between users without intermediary intervention. Additionally, the team has planned the launch of our own exchange, UltimEX.

Grand event in Dubai: ULTIMA CONVENTION “TO THE MOON” 2024

In April 2024, Dubai will be the focal point for thousands of community members worldwide! Do not miss one of the key events of the coming year!

Launch of travel and crowdfunding platforms

In the upcoming year, the team is preparing to launch unique products — a travel platform and a crowdfunding platform!

The ULTIMA community can expect an incredibly eventful year, as the team has prepared many surprises that will be revealed later. It is evident now that 2024 will truly be a landmark year for the ULTIMA ecosystem! Become part of the multimillion-strong crypto enthusiasts’ community to stay updated on ULTIMA’s crucial events and enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology now!