Ultima in November: key events digest 

29 November 2023

Community pool — the main fall launch 

In early November, we launched the community pool: the fastest and most democratic way to embark on your journey with Ultima. The community pool operates similarly to the VIP pool and serves as a secure repository in the form of smart contracts, where ULTIMA tokens from the market are frozen. 

It differs from the VIP pool in terms of license costs with the minimum license cost to join the pool starting at 110 euros. After obtaining a license, users need to sign a UNITY split contract. They will receive UNITY SPLIT tokens, which need to be withdrawn to the SMART Wallet. Then, users will have the opportunity to claim rewards directly to their SMART Wallet daily.

Significant updates in swapping: more favorable SMART distribution 

According to the new swapping rules, the distributions are as follows:

For a 3-year period: For a 5-year period:
First year: 20% Second year: 30% Third year: 50%First year: 10% Second year: 15% Third year: 20% Fourth year: 25% Fifth year: 30%

All previously completed swap transactions have been recalculated according to the updated rules.

Important: changes in the minimum balance of SMART Wallet 

The minimum balance of SMART coins in the SMART Wallet has been increased from 1500 to 3000. We recommend checking your SMART Wallet balance and replenishing it in a timely manner if necessary.

Important Updates in SMART Wallet 

  • SMART WALLET Localization: Users now have access to 17 languages. 
  • Increased Security Measures: A warning will now appear when attempting to send your entire SMART Wallet balance. 
  • Improved User Interface: New animations have been added. 
  • Due to changes in the SMART exchange rate, the minimum balance of SMART coins in SMART Wallet has been increased from 1500 to 3000.

Ultima in the media

Major online media outlets from around the world continue to write about Ultima. They highlight the uniqueness of splitting as an alternative to mining and staking, acknowledging the contribution Ultima makes to the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment on par with fiat currencies.

Indian media Trade BrainsIBTimes IndiaAustrian media Börse Express
Quote: “Thanks to its optimized reliable infrastructure and the potential of the revolutionary DeFi-U product, the Ultima project has a high chance of positively influencing the development of the global cryptocurrency market.”Quote: “Ultima is a promising player in the crypto market with an extensive ecosystem that combines advanced technology with advanced functionality. The unique features of the ecosystem, including the DeFi-U product and the halving mechanism, could potentially lead to a significant increase in token value.”Quote: “Ultima’s key idea is to make entering the world of blockchain as easy as possible for every user. Almost 3 million people have already chosen the splitting technology, which speaks eloquently to Ultima’s popularity.” 
Read the article https://tradebrains.in/features/ultimas-defi-u-riding-the-wave-of-crypto-market-trends/ Read the article https://www.ibtimes.co.in/understanding-potential-ultima-comprehensive-analysis-864124 Read the article https://www.boerse-express.com/news/articles/ultima-bietet-einen-niederschwelligen-zugang-zum-staking-die-revolutionaere-splitting-technologie-576974 

Ultima’s new listings

As Ultima’s popularity grows, more exchanges and crypto aggregators are paying attention to the token. Ultima appears monthly in the listings of major and reputable platforms. 

CoinGecko aggregatorCoinW exchange
CoinGecko is the largest independent source of reliable information about digital currencies, founded in 2014. The platform provides in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency market and has united over 10 million users worldwide!

CoinW is among the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges, with a daily trading volume reaching $1 billion! Over 6 years, the exchange has brought together more than 7 million users worldwide and has claimed the 8th position among global exchanges.
Add ULTIMA to your Favorites to stay informed https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ultimaTrades https://www.coinw.com/frontSpot/h5/trading?symbol=1570 

Reminder: Our team regularly prepares up-to-date guides on working with Ultima products and exchanges where our token is listed. Guides are available in both text and video formats.

If you prefer texts, we invite you to visit our Help Center. If you prefer video, welcome to our YouTube channel. Playlists are available in more than ten languages. 

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We thank each of you for choosing Ultima and contributing to the development of the community and ecosystem! Our team continues to work intensively to delight you with new products and solutions!

See you in the next digest!