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31 May 2023

On May 27, Ultima Momentum Convention Europe 2023 was held in Berlin, where Alex Reinhardt, the founder, presented business strategy for new Ultima products and held a ceremony to launch new unique Ultima services.

Swapping Platform


Swapping is a process of currency exchange under predetermined conditions.

On the site, you can easily swap PLC, PLCU, PLCUC, and PLCUX for the SMART coin. Two periods are available to activate the swapping process: 3 and 5 years. The longer the swapping period you choose, the better conditions you will get.

If you choose three years, swapped coins become available in the following proportion: 

  •  year 1: 1% of the total swapping amount;
  •  year 2: 2%;
  •  year 3: 97%.

In case of five years, swapped coins become available in the following proportion: 

  • year 1: 1% of the total swapping amount;
  • year 2: 2%;
  • year 3: 4%;
  • year 4: 8%;
  • year 5: 85%.

If demand for the SMART coin increases, multiple additional swaps will be made available.

All the swapped SMART coins will be automatically credited to your balance every month. You can track swapping transactions in the Swapping History section.

Watch this video to see how swapping works:

Cashback Platform


The Ultima cashback platform is the flagship product of the Ultima ecosystem, providing a unique opportunity to receive cashback and purchase shopping vouchers to purchase goods and services on the largest marketplaces with savings of up to 20%.

It’s very simple: you buy a cashback license, after which shopping vouchers become available to you. For each purchase of a shopping voucher, you will be credited with cashback up to 100% in ULTIMA tokens! Shopping points are included in the shopping voucher package – they let you easily make profitable purchases on the ultimastore.com marketplace.

Read more about how to use the cashback platform here: https://blog.platinworld.com//help-center/

By the way, licenses and shopping vouchers will participate in the affiliate program: for example, if your partners purchase licenses, you can get all types of bonuses, and for the purchase of shopping vouchers – Team and Leader bonuses.

Marketplace Ultima Store ultimastore.com

Ultima Store is a unique marketplace where community members can buy vouchers from the largest trading platforms, marketplaces, and online stores to purchase food, fuel, travel, and other essential goods and services.

Owners of shopping vouchers have the added advantage of shopping at the Ultima Store because one shopping point is equal to one euro, and the number of points in a shopping voucher is as much as 20% higher than its value! Thus, your daily purchases will become even more economical!

Ultima Crypto Debit Card


Crypto debit Ultima Card is a convenient tool for paying for goods and services.Ultima allows its owner to erase the boundaries between fiat and cryptocurrencies and enjoy all the benefits of the unique Ultima Card. The crypto card supports popular cryptocurrencies, including Ultima, and 5 fiat currencies of the account, including the euro, dollar, and pound. The main advantage of the Ultima Card is high daily limits, low commissions from 1-2%, and almost unlimited geography of use.

Ultima Main Token Website


Ultima is not just a powerful and technologically advanced token but an important component of the entire ecosystem. Thanks to the Ultima token, many products are paid for, increasing demand and liquidity!

Ultima Travel Club Travel Platform


Ultima Travel Club is a travel platform that offers members exclusive travel deals and discounts. By subscribing for 175 euros a year, you get unique access to the best deals on the travel market, upgrades, free services, and VIP service.

The base of the travel platform includes more than 2.5 million hotels and villas, 950 cruise companies with prices for cruises from $25, large car rental agencies, offers of more than 300,000 activities in more than 150 countries, and other unique opportunities. All this is available to members of the Ultima Travel Club at the best possible prices.

Also at the event, ULTIMA founder Alex Reinhardt spoke about the global plan for developing ecosystem products and creating new unique platforms, such as:

  • the Master Trader copy trading platform. With the help of this platform, everyone will be able to automatically follow the best strategies of trading professionals and increase their profit; 
  • a platform of advertisements with sections dedicated to various products, from real estate and car sales to any services;
  • a global startup-focused crowdfunding platform with a mission to “help bring promising startups to life”;
  • Crypto games platform.

Significant changes and improvements will happen with our affiliate program: now, the team is working hard to implement artificial intelligence. This will help make network marketing fully automated and simplify the work of our partners.

And this is just the beginning! The ULTIMA ecosystem does not stop evolving and expanding to help every person, regardless of location. We have already united 2.5 million crypto enthusiasts into a powerful community and do not plan to stop!

You can see all the slides of Alex Reinhardt’s presentation here.