Weekly News From the Ultima Ecosystem!

2 April 2024

The End of the DeFi-U Best Video Contest!

We have evaluated each submitted video and will soon announce the winners. Tomorrow, our Telegram channels will publish a list of the top 10 video finalists and the categories in which they won. We thank all participants for their creativity and engagement!

SMART BLOCKCHAIN — A New Era in Blockchain Technologies

SMART Blockchain is more than just technology; it’s Alex Reinhardt’s vision of a decentralized future where high efficiency and security are ensured. TechBullion magazine provides a detailed overview of the Smart Blockchain project created by Reinhardt’s team. Details can be found at the link: https://techbullion.com/smart-blockchain-how-alex-reinhardts-project-is-transforming-the-crypto-landscape/

Last Chance to Get 60% Cashback Points!

We are extending the opportunity to receive 60% cashback points for another week. This is the last week when every community member can get 60% cashback points, which can be spent on purchases at global.ultimastore.com, and soon be used in other products of the Ultima ecosystem!

After this period, only GOLD split tokens will be awarded without cashback points! You can purchase a package with maximum benefits at DeFiu.com.

We wish you a successful week ahead!