Ultima News: launch of Ultima token, the start of sales of ULTIMA Farming Licenses, and much more

10 April 2023

Congratulations on the new week, and let’s recap the past week’s results!

Launched ULTIMA token on Smart Blockchain

Last week there was a key event for our project — the launch of the Ultima token on the Smart Blockchain and the Ultima ecosystem! Now Ultima is an advanced infrastructure of products and crypto tools that allows each member of our more than 2 million community to grow, develop and learn new things constantly! Trading the ULTIMA token has already started on www.coinsbit.io! It means you can purchase Ultima tokens to fill your farms — ULTIMA Farming Units and generate new Ultima!

Trading in the ULTIMA/USDT pair is available here: https://coinsbit.io/trade_classic/ULTIMA_USDT

In our telegram channel, you can learn more about Ultima’s mission, the products included in the ecosystem, and much more!

Large-scale updates to the Ultima Farm website

A significant milestone in the development of our products was the update of the Ultima token farming site – ultimafarm.com:

  • the addition of new farming licenses – ULTIMA Farming Licenses;
  • the introduction of a new widget – the “Responsibility Indicator” to make sure the community follows the same strategy, thereby increasing the value of the Ultima token; 
  • three essential widgets on the Ultima farming control panel have been updated: ULTIMA Available Balance, ULTIMA Upgrade Balance, and Total Farmed Amount.

Welcome to Ultima Momentum Convention Europe!

We remind you that registration for Ultima Momentum Convention Europe in Berlin continues on ultimaconvention.com!

To confirm registration, send us your plane ticket, hotel reservation, and visa if necessary.

This week, Alex Reinhardt will host webinars in seven languages of the Ultima community: Hindi, Russian, German, English, Spanish, Korean, and Bengali. You will find the current schedule in our telegram channels!

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