Major Project Changes: Ultima Token Launch and New Farming Rules

7 April 2023

Dear friends! 

Our team has accomplished an important stage of a new Ultima token launch. Ultima is a farming token of our same-name ecosystem. Today Ultima is not just a token, it is an advanced infrastructure of products and crypto tools enabling each member of our 2 mln+ community to grow, develop and learn new things non-stop!

Our technical team is working hard on a dozen crypto and blockchain products of the Ultima ecosystem, while our key product is a unique farming technology. 

Farming Ultima: Changes To Token Mining 

Farming is a fast, transparent, fully autonomous and absolutely secure way to generate new blockchain tokens.

Farming Ultima involves a special product called Farming Units. To buy a Farming Unit, you need to pay for an Ultima Farming License first. Licenses vary by the Max Load volume — the number of tokens that can be used for farming. The license is valid for a year. 

After purchasing the license, you will get access to Ultima Farming Units, the main product for Ultima token mining. When you pay for the license, you purchase Max Load for farming, and when you pay for the Farming Unit, you load your Max Load and start the farming process.

The operating period of the unit is 3 years. It includes 24 equal farming transactions over the course of 24 months. The first transaction will be credited to the balance in 30 days. 

Each farming transaction is divided into two parts in a 60/40 ratio:

  • 60% goes to ULTIMA Available Balance, where tokens can be immediately withdrawn to the wallet or in payment for the new licenses;
  • 40% goes to ULTIMA Upgrade Balance, which is only used to pay for new licenses, thereby upgrading your farm.

Ultima mining rate decreases every month, so we recommend that you start farming ASAP! 

What is Ultima Ecosystem?

Today, alongside with the farming product, the Ultima ecosystem includes an innovative crowdfunding platform, marketplace, crypto debit cards, crypto exchange, wallet, travel platform and much more: 

  • Ultima Card is a crypto debit card to purchase products and services with crypto currency in almost any country around the world. The card supports the largest crypto currencies — ULTIMA, SMART, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, USDT, EOS, BAT. 
  • Ultima Store is a global marketplace where you can buy and sell any goods and services for the Ultima tokens. 
  • UltimaDeal is an online platform for placing ads.
  • UltimEx is a top decentralized  crypto exchange of high liquidity.
  • Ultima Travel Club is the only project in the travel market enabling you to book flights, hotels, cruises, as well as rent cars, pay for other activities and save up to 90%. 
  • Charity Crowdfunding and StartUp Crowdfunding are crowdfunding platforms where people and startups can promote and fund their ideas, and users have an opportunity to support some promising ideas. The former is designed to help people, the latter is meant for startups. 

Friends, each of you has a unique opportunity to pioneer and create a new age in the crypto market together with our team! Explore our products, purchase farming units, mine and use the Ultima token in the products of our ecosystem!