Ultima ecosystem’s main news from the past week of February! 

13 February 2024

How to enter into a GOLD split contract?

The GOLD split contract, a product of the Ultima ecosystem, includes both a license and a contract. Now, to get long-term rewards from the GOLD pool, it’s enough to purchase only the GOLD split contract package and start maximizing the benefits of blockchain technology and the GOLD pool!

Watch the video for all the details:

Over 2 billion SMART coins were burned

At the launch of SMART BLOCKCHAIN, an address with a negative balance of -9,223,372,036,854.775 SMART coins was created. Currently, the number of SMART coins in the Burning Wallet has been reduced by over 2,000,000,000 SMART, indicating that 2 billion SMART coins have been burned thanks to the Network Fee and Burn Fee within the network!

First transaction in the blockchain in the Burning Wallet: https://smartexplorer.com/transaction/7689c47b9ba749e6d7b19f69d11a42e908472e94b7fb08906059edc74334c03c

Current balance of SMART in the Burning Wallet: https://smartexplorer.com/address/sSfKKzV81Jw9K2uerSFqrY6eMD97PNMRbn

Alex Reinhardt is among the top 100 most influential people in Dubai

The editorial team of Arabian Business included Alex Reinhardt in the ranking of the top 100 people you need to know in the UAE in 2024, along with the globally renowned businessman leading the largest real estate development company in the UAE – Emaar Properties, Mohamed Alabbar, President of Emirates Airlines Sir Tim Clark, and other influential figures from the business industry.

Read more here: https://www.arabianbusiness.com/powerlists/

Important changes in the SMART BLOCKCHAIN network are approaching

Please note that after the first Ultima halving on February 24, the energy price in the SMART BLOCKCHAIN network will increase fivefold! The increase in energy prices could serve as a boost to the growth of the SMART coin value.

All changes are primarily aimed at the long-term and stable growth of our ecosystem!

We wish you a productive week!