Ultima news of the week: renewal of license sales, the launch of UltimaCashback.com

20 June 2023

Friends, we are happy to share with you the news of the past productive week:

The sales of ULTIMA Farming Licenses have been extended

Our technical team has completed the work on restoring payment with USDT/USDC. Now payment for ecosystem products is ten times faster than it used to be!

In this regard, it was decided to extend the possibility of purchasing the licenses for farming ULTIMA tokens.

Start farming now at ultimafarm.com

Meet the unique UltimaCashback.com platform

This is the flagship product of the ULTIMA ecosystem enabling the ecosystem participants to buy vouchers from the world’s largest marketplaces, save up to 20% and get up to 100% cashback!

You can find a detailed video instruction and an overview of the website in our Help Center at this link

How to purchase shopping vouchers on the Ultima Cashback website?

Shopping vouchers are packages of shopping points that can be redeemed for official store vouchers at the Ultima Store. In this case, you will benefit from the fact that one shopping point is equivalent to one euro, and the number of shopping points in the voucher is 20% higher than its cost.

Wishing you a successful Ultima week!