SMART WALLET: your guide to the world of crypto assets

21 July 2023

We are happy to introduce Smart Wallet – a unique multifunctional crypto wallet powered by the Smart Blockchain network. This is a modern convenient and secure crypto wallet enabling you to store different cryptocurrencies in one place and easily control them.

The key advantage of Smart Wallet is the possibility to create an unlimited number of wallets in one application. You no longer need to install dozens of wallets – all popular cryptocurrencies are available in Smart Wallet.

The developers have also paid special attention to the safety and anonymity of the wallet users: private keys are encrypted and never leave your smartphone.

SMART WALLET is a technological solution that combines ease of use and security. There are no extra costs or restrictions – just create a wallet and switch between your digital assets!

Get started with SMART WALLET right now. The Android 8+ version is already available for download at: smartwallet.com