Important Events of the ULTIMA Week!

17 July 2023

We are pleased to share the main events of our busy week!

Farming the Ultima tokens at maximum speed!

Farming has become a key tech development of the ULTIMA ecosystem that enables our community members to generate Ultima tokens from any device, totally on their own!

What has changed?

  • Now your farm will generate ULTIMA tokens for 5 years!
  • Farms are currently running at x9.9! Join and farm the tokens right now ultimafarm.com

Blockchain solutions for real life – a revolution embracing the whole world

Blockchain is rapidly entering our daily lives, providing security, decentralization, as well as previously inaccessible opportunities.

The ULTIMA ecosystem with its real blockchain solutions was featured by the Finextra resource  (Britain). Details available at: https://www.finextra.com/blogposting/24514/blockchain-solutions-for-your-grandma

2 million+ people are united worldwide by the ULTIMA ecosystem  

The LatestLY magazine paid special attention to the ULTIMA ecosystem and detailed its mission and product features. Read more at the link below: https://www.latestly.com/technology/join-the-ultima-community-over-2-million-users-embrace-the-future-of-crypto-5257544.html 

We wish everyone to have a productive week with ULTIMA!