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26 February 2024

The ULTIMA token has entered a new era – the first halving has taken place! This is a significant event that was eagerly awaited by all ULTIMA community members! The halving, a reduction of rewards by half, marks an important stage in ULTIMA’s hyper-deflationary development model.

Starting today, each delegated liquidity pool will issue only half the amount of ULTIMA – a total of 25.92 ULTIMA. This amount will be distributed among all holders of VIP, UNITY, GOLD, and BSP tokens.

The halving is a key factor in increasing the value of ULTIMA, and here’s why:

Liquidity pools issue half as much ULTIMA 

Reducing ULTIMA rewards by half is a powerful signal for potential token value growth with only half the tokens entering the market – a total of 25.92 ULTIMA from each pool.

Limited supply of ULTIMA

The ULTIMA supply is limited to just 100,000 – one of the lowest total token supply figures in the crypto market. Of these, only 15% – slightly over 15,000 ULTIMA – are currently in circulation. This is a clear indication that the team is following a hyper-deflationary development strategy.

Gradual increase in value

The price correction of the digital asset after the halving is an example of classic asset “behavior” and market reaction to this significant event. Therefore, an increase in the price of ULTIMA can be expected approximately 3–6 months after the halving, reaching new highs. 

Increased demand

The halving is a powerful tool in ULTIMA’s hyper-deflationary strategy. Active community growth and increased interest raise the value of ULTIMA, especially with a limited number of tokens in the market.

The ULTIMA halving is a crucial stage signaling to the market that fewer ULTIMA tokens are entering circulation, and this amount will only decrease every 10,000,000 blocks. With the active development of ecosystem products, more users will require ULTIMA, becoming a key factor in its value growth!