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Why the Arrival of Institutional Investors is a Key Stage in the Development of the Cryptocurrency Market

24 May 2024

Among the goals that the Ultima team constantly strives to achieve, one is particularly significant: making every effort to ensure that the ULTIMA token enters the top-100 cryptocoins on CoinMarketCap. This list includes those coins that people add to their investment portfolios without hesitation. Why is it so important for us to get into the top-100 cryptocurrencies? Because as soon as the token enters this trust rating, investors immediately arrive.

The arrival of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency market has been one of the most discussed phenomena in recent years. This phenomenon arouses great interest among representatives of the financial community and everyone who follows technological progress. Why is the arrival of large investment funds, banks, and other traditional financial organizations so important for the development of the cryptocurrency market?

First, institutional investors possess significant financial resources, a factor that can lead to more stable and predictable cryptocurrency dynamics. Their participation in the market can create additional sources of liquidity, which contributes to reducing price volatility and creating a more reliable infrastructure. For example, major investors now view Bitcoin as an alternative to gold, as reported by CoinDesk, citing an analytical report from JPMorgan.

Second, the presence of investment funds and banks can create a positive image for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Their interest in this market generates trust and gives confidence to investors who previously considered cryptocurrencies too risky and volatile. This can also attract new capital flows and increase market growth.

The third aspect is the level of professionalism and experience that institutional investors can bring to the cryptocurrency space. Their financial instruments, risk analysis methods, and portfolio management can increase the efficiency of cryptocurrency trading, and lead to the emergence of new investment products such as funds, ETFs, or cryptocurrency futures. According to a survey by the Coinbase exchange conducted at the end of 2023, at least 64% of institutional investors expect an increase in investments over the next three years.

Traditional financial organizations can also improve the level of market security and regulation, allowing more conservative investors and funds, who previously limited themselves to accessing cryptocurrency assets due to a lack of reliable risk control tools, to participate. Attracting institutional investors can contribute to the development of the legislative base and regulatory acts, which, in turn, will increase the level of transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry.

Thus, the arrival of large investment funds, banks, and other traditional financial organizations can indeed be an important stage in the development of the cryptocurrency market. Their participation can lead to an increase in the legitimacy and attractiveness of cryptocurrencies in the eyes of the general public, promoting further growth and popularization of this innovative field.