Weekly Ultima News: New Publications in Media, Reduction in Farming Rate and Much More

3 May 2023

Friends, we are happy to share the main news of the previous busy week:

Crypto debit ULTIMA Card activation

If you’ve bought PLCUX Minters + Сards packages with STANDARD gift cards, it’s high time to get and activate your ULTIMA card in a few simple steps:

  • Go to your personal account at plc-card.com and click on the “Activate for yourself” button.
  • Get an activation code for your card.
  • Activate your card in the Upgrade section at ultimamembers.com and get your ULTIMA card for free!

To learn more on the Ultima Card’s functionality, see the video:

Happy Coin News: Farming is a technology of the future that is used in the present

Happy Coin News published an article about farming, an innovative way of mining tokens used by the ULTIMA ecosystem. Learn more about the ULTIMA decentralized services and ecosystem features via the link: https://happycoin.club/ekosistema-deczentralizovannyh-servisov-ultima-zapuskaet-farming-nativnyh-tokenov/

Registration for Ultima Momentum Convention Europe is ongoing

There is less and less time left before the Berlin event to be held on May 27. The number of places is decreasing every day, so don’t delay, book your seat, get to the event and spend time with 2000+ crypto enthusiasts: ultimaconvention.com

Farming rate is constantly decreasing

There is less than a week left before the next reduction in farming rate. On May 6, the rate will drop by 5% and will be equal to x7.1. Use the remaining time productively and make your farm work at the highest possible rate of minting ULTIMA tokens.

We wish everyone a busy Ultima week!