Ultima ecosystem’s main news from the past week of February!

26 February 2024


The ULTIMA token has entered a new era — the first halving has taken place! This significant event was anticipated by all members of the Ultima community! Reducing rewards by half is an important step in ULTIMA’s hyper-deflationary development model.

Now, each delegated liquidity pool will distribute half as many ULTIMAs — only 25.92. This amount will be shared among all holders of VIP, UNITY, GOLD, and BSP tokens. 

For more details on the features and impact of the halving, see below:

Changes in the SMART BLOCKCHAIN network have come into effect

The energy price in the SMART BLOCKCHAIN network has increased fivefold. This will serve as a positive impulse for increasing demand for SMART and its potential growth

With the fivefold energy price increase, the average splitting transaction cost has gone from 220 SMART to just over 1,100 SMART. Please note that you need to have a minimum of 3,500 SMART in your balance to perform transactions.

All changes within the ecosystem are aimed at its long-term and stable growth!

Analysts at OvenAdd: How Much Can ULTIMA Grow? 

Crypto analysts at OvenAdd, who predict cryptocurrency values for both the near and distant future using special algorithms, have published a ULTIMA price forecast!

They claim that by 2024, the average price of ULTIMA could exceed $13,000, and by 2026, this figure will be significantly higher than $30,000! And the first halving will only amplify the bullish trends and moods in the crypto market!

For more details, follow the link below:

We wish you a productive week!