Major Events on Crypto Market

3 March 2023

Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Launch Economic Zone in Metaverse 

Major Events on Crypto Market

Fujitsu and Mitsubishi in partnership with Mizuho bank, Japan, are going to launch an economic zone in the metaverse. The project has been called Ryugukoku. As per the press release, corporations mean to create an open infrastructure, enlist small companies to cooperate and pool marketing resources. A press conference with project details is scheduled for summer 2023. By the moment, the project may reach other jurisdictions — experts believe that not only Japan, but also other countries will take interest in the technology.

The project performance features are debated a lot in the crypto community. It is estimated that the economic zone will function together with the Interpol directives on criminal activity control in the metaverse. Earlier, Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock told BBC that the organization intends to take control over the criminal activity in the metaverse. So, in October 2022, Interpol launched its own metaverse designed to protect law and order. Such a step fits logically into the framework of launching a unit to combat digital assets crimes. It was introduced concurrently with the new metaverse. 

Spotify Testing Playlists Accessible via NFT Wallets

Major Events on Crypto Market

Spotify streaming service has launched playlists accessible via wallets for non-fungible tokens. To start listening, you need to connect your wallet. This can be done by the members of Fluf, Moonbirds, Kingship and Overlord communities. That said, all the playlists are customized, and they will be updated throughout the test period. According to the company representatives, it will take three months. 

Overlord states that the playlists are available for connection to Creepz tokens owners. Kingship reports that they have created special playlists including tracks by Snoop Dogg and Queen among other singles. However, you can try the service only if you live  in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Australia or New Zealand permanently and own an Android smartphone. MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger and Zerion wallets are available for connection. 

Spotify has been exploring the possibility of integrating NFT into its business processes for about a year. For example, in May 2022 the company released NFT for indirect sale on external sites. The tokens were based on the profiles of The Wombats and DJ Steve Aoki. 

Whitepay Crypto Payment Service Taps European Market

Major Events on Crypto Market

Whitepay SaaS service, part of WhiteBit bitcoin exchange ecosystem, is now available to entrepreneurs across Europe. Payments can be accepted in bitcoins, ETH, Tether, USD Coin and other altcoins. For a total, more than 140 crypto currencies are available. Payments may be received in euros immediately to a bank account linked to the personal account. Conversion will be done automatically.

The system`s opening for a new audience caused elation in the market: the step means an even greater spread of POS terminals for payment with crypto currency at brick-and-mortar sales outlets. Whitepay also provides acquiring with an easy-to-use payment management system. The platform already has the experience: in August 2022 it launched payment for goods with crypto in large chains of tech stores in Ukraine. Goods were available for purchase for 130 crypto currencies, through online stores as well. 

Hong Kong to Support Web3 Industry with Dollar

Major Events on Crypto Market

Hong Kong authorities will grant about $6.4 million to develop the Web3 industry in the next 12 months. Paul Chan, the Financial Secretary of the region, is sure that the third-generation Internet should be developed upon the initiative of state entities, because it will provide Hong Kong with the opportunity to get on top in the sphere of innovation. The funds will be leveraged to create masterclass program for young people and hold international conferences. The same funds will also be used to support G-Rocket, a startup accelerator that has been operating in Hong Kong since January this year. 

The development program will include unshadowing of virtual assets and crypto currencies and their legislative consolidation. To execute operations in the regional crypto market companies will have to obtain a special license. Huobi Gate.io, OKX and Bitget are going to be the pioneers. Hong Kong intends to develop digital assets together with the market participants: the authorities are organizing a task force to work with crypto currency. 

Microsoft and Ankr to Create Joint Blockchain Nodes for Corporations

Major Events on Crypto Market

Microsoft Corporation and Ankr web infrastructure provider have teamed up to work on a service to provide clients with blockchain data access nodes. The new service will be called Microsoft Azure. Among available functions there are creating smart contracts, retransmitting transactions, recording blockchain data and others. Ankr provides users with a remote procedure call (RPC) service with connection to the nodes of 19 popular blockchains. Cooperation is predicted to be a success in the niche chosen, since the service is becoming popular in the market.

Ankr is an experienced crypto market player. The company offers staking, liquidity mining, trading services, as well as supplies infrastructure solutions to BNB Chain, Fantom and Polygon ecosystems. Even Binance invests in Ankr, as the venture division of gigantic Binance takes interest in a developed startup.