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Cryptocurrency and large corporations — what is the connection?

4 April 2024

Lately, cryptocurrency has captured the genuine interest of major corporations. Now we already notice that many of them have begun to integrate cryptocurrency technologies into their operations, implement large-scale projects using real-time decentralized database technology, and accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. But what could motivate such business giants to work with cryptocurrency, and what are the prospects of this trend?

  1. Potential profit. Investing in cryptocurrency, especially in its early development stages, can bring significant income. Despite high risks, cryptocurrency represents a new asset class that attracts global investor attention. Many large companies see this as an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios and increase their value.
  1. Improved financial transactions. Blockchain technology, which underpins most cryptocurrencies, ensures secure, transparent, and efficient transactions. Large corporations see this as a chance to improve their financial operations, simplify accounting, and reduce costs.
  1. Desire to stay at the forefront of technological development. Cryptocurrency opens new possibilities for digital innovation. Large corporations understand the need to keep up with these technologies and adapt them to their business processes to stay competitive in the future.
  1. Consumer interest. Cryptocurrency has long become part of people’s daily lives, with almost all consumers using it in their transactions. Companies aim to meet this demand by providing the option to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency.

Well-known brands and large corporations are gradually implementing large-scale projects using real-time decentralized database technology. For example, Walmart, the world’s largest retail chain, uses blockchain to track shipments from suppliers and reduce the risk of product spoilage and contamination. KFC, Starbucks, and other famous food chains have started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. Microsoft has also allowed bitcoin payments in its digital content store. Amazon, BMW, Nestle… The list of the most famous and large corporations making a move towards the crypto future can go on for a long time. Here’s the Forbes list of the top 50 global brands taking a bold step towards a crypto future.

All these trends were anticipated in the creation of Ultima — an advanced blockchain ecosystem of technological crypto products, with the ULTIMA token at its core. In light of the clear trends towards integrating cryptocurrency into the life processes and development of companies worldwide, ULTIMA’s main goal is to become a means of payment for hundreds of millions of people regardless of their location, education, and technical skills. And the unique ecosystem, which includes products like DeFi-U, Ultima Card, Ultima Store marketplace, and many other products currently in the final stages of development, is intended to solve and simplify many tasks and processes between companies and their clients.