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Bull Run in the Cryptocurrency Market: What Should Investors Prepare For?

7 June 2024

In the world of cryptocurrencies, periods of a bull run — that is, significant price increases of digital assets — become a true challenge for investors. The term itself originates from the financial world and is associated with market optimism and positive dynamics. A bull run represents a period of intense growth in cryptocurrency prices. During a bull run, investors witness a significant increase in the value of digital assets, leading to an improvement in their portfolios. This period is typically characterized by high demand for cryptocurrencies, investor confidence, and increased market excitement.

At least three main features of a bull run are worth noting:

  • Rapid price increase. During a bull run, cryptocurrency prices can increase by several tens or even hundreds of percent over a short period.
  • Volatility. As cryptocurrency prices rise, their volatility typically increases, leading to stronger price fluctuations both up and down.
  • Hype. During a bull run, cryptocurrencies become the focus of keen interest from investors, resulting in increased trading volume.

As cryptocurrency prices rise, many begin to consider the possibility of making money on this trend. Most experts believe that currently, in 2024, Bitcoin along with other coins has reached the midpoint of a new bull run, indicating that the industry’s growth will continue. An article on Binance Square presents the key steps to prepare for the next bull run, which can help avoid decisions leading to incorrect reactions and wrong analysis of the situation during the bull run period.

It is generally believed that a full-fledged bull run occurs six months after Bitcoin’s halving. Despite the challenges in 2023 related to global economic circumstances, the cryptocurrency market showed resilience and confidently recovered. Representatives of the blockchain industry are betting on sharp market growth by the end of 2024. The anticipated peak of the bull run is expected to be reached in 2025.

However, before diving into investments during a bull run, it is important to consider several key factors.

First: be prepared for price fluctuations. A bull run is often accompanied by intense volatility, which can lead to rapid price changes. Investors should be ready for potential losses and have a risk management strategy.

Second: conduct a thorough market analysis. During a bull run, many assets may rise in price, but not all will be economically viable in the long term. Investors need to research the potential of selected cryptocurrencies, their technology, development team, and growth prospects.

Third: remember to diversify your portfolio. During a bull run in the cryptocurrency market, investors may be inclined to concentrate their investments in just a few assets, increasing the likelihood of losses. Diversifying the portfolio helps to reduce risks and ensure stable growth.

Undoubtedly, the rise in cryptocurrency prices suggests a promising future for the crypto market. Currently, the total market capitalization of the global cryptocurrency market is $2.58 trillion, reflecting significant interest in digital asset investments. This financial surge is one of the indicators of a sustainable bull run, as discussed in a Forbes article. Current indicators show that a new potential bull run is already being planned for 2024–2025, and the arguments in favor of this process are getting stronger.

In conclusion, it is important to note that a bull run offers investors many opportunities to make money, but it requires a careful approach and readiness for a volatile market. Adhering to a risk management strategy, conducting market research, and diversifying the portfolio will help investors successfully navigate the period of active price growth in digital assets. Keep up with the latest news, adapt to changes, and make informed decisions to turn the bull run period to your advantage.