A fraudulent resource is trying to steal users’ personal data

16 December 2022

Dear community, a website has appeared on the Internet that imitates the official website of Ultima Farm. It is called https://ultimasfarm.com/ 

This phishing resource offers users to log in, specify their mnemonic phrases for the  wallets, as well as provide other confidential information, and thus the users’ data and access to digital resources are transferred to scammers.

To keep your digital assets and personal data safe, always follow these simple security rules:

  • Always check carefully the spelling of the website address you are going to.
  • Do not click on links from unfamiliar email addresses.
  • Do not follow links from private chats if you are offered to follow a link and download something.
  • Do not respond to scam messages sent on behalf of PLC Ultima or Alex Reinhardt.
  • Do not store keys and passwords for your accounts in cloud storage or on your smartphone.
  • Do not send or show your private keys, mnemonic phrases and passwords to anyone.