Ultima Convention Dubai 2023: how it was

6 March 2023

On March 4, a large-scale event Ultima Convention Dubai 2023, was held in Dubai. It was a magnificent day that will definitely be remembered for a long time by each of the guests!

At the event, Alex Reinhardt made important announcements that are key to the future of PLC Ultima.

Alex announced the launch of a groundbreaking Smart Blockchain – an improved, efficient blockchain created by a team of developers with more than ten years of experience in the market. The central token of the blockchain will be Ultima, which will be used for minting and have a powerful growth strategy! Its initial emission will be only 20,000 tokens. Ultima is a fast, efficient modern minting token that far exceeds the other coins in our ecosystem. Alex launched the blockchain right during the event by clicking on the “Start” button. This was a huge hit with the guests! 

The launch of Smart Blockchain is part of a big update to the PLC Ultima ecosystem. You will find amazing new products and significant improvements to existing ones in the new ecosystem.

Among them are the UltimEX exchange, where it will be possible to profitably trade coins of our ecosystem and other popular cryptocurrencies, and the Ultima Store, a modernized marketplace where you can buy and sell everything: from cars and real estate to essential products through cryptocurrency.

Another breakthrough product was the travel platform, a unique project that allows you to book air tickets, hotels, cruises, rent cars and pay for other activities at the best prices!

And at the end of the event, guests enjoyed an afterparty with live music and a performance by the famous AmielShow band. The incredible atmosphere, relaxed communication, and powerful networking rounded out the large-scale event perfectly!

The PLC Ultima team thanks every community member for sharing this important day with us! Thanks to your support, our team writes a new history of the cryptocurrency market every day and makes the most daring ideas a reality!