Top security rules to avoid losing your assets

22 September 2022

◾️ A stranger writes to you with an offer to earn money or plea for help 

Do not trust anyone, do not send your details, do not follow the links that they may send to you. 

◾️ You follow a link without checking it

Make sure you go to the official website of the project. Save the official website to your bookmarks. Check sketchy websites by using an anti-phishing tool: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/url.

◾️ They offer to connect your wallet to somewhere 

Connect your wallets only to trusted sites. Create a separate wallet with a minimum balance to connect to websites for checking. 

◾️ You are approached by an admin or project founder with an offer of assistance 

Admins and founders of real projects and chats NEVER approach users first. 

◾️ You have some new coins in your wallet that you did not buy

Don’t hurry up to sell them. This may result in anything that you have in your wallet being stolen. 

◾️ You have been added to a project’s chat or channel 

Trust only those channels and chats that you have found and added by yourself. For security reasons, we recommend that you disable adding to groups in Telegram (Privacy and Security – Groups – My Contacts only). 

Friends, be vigilant and always check any information coming to you.