The main news of the previous Ultima week!

10 July 2023

The way blockchain opens up new opportunities for the whole world

Blockchain technology is continuously evolving and introducing digital currencies into all aspects of modern life.

Read more about ULTIMA products’ benefits and features here:

Cryptoblogger Alexandrus reviewed the ULTIMA ecosystem

Do you know all the benefits of Ultima products really well? Crypto blogger Alexandrus with more than a million of followers posted a detailed analysis of our ecosystem and revealed its main features!

If you haven’t checked out the video yet, why don’t you watch it right now?

Webinars with the ULTIMA founder

Our ecosystem’s founder Alex Reinhardt is holding a series of webinars for the community this week. At the meetings, community members will learn the main ecosystem news and will be able to ask their questions directly to the founder!

Find the current schedule of webinars on our telegram channels.