The main news of the past week: ULTIMA is in the media again, the long-awaited meeting with Alex and other events

26 June 2023

The Ultima Cashback platform opens up new shopping opportunities

UltimaCashback.com is the flagship product of the ULTIMA ecosystem. Buy vouchers from the world’s largest marketplaces, save up to 20% and get up to 100% cashback in the Ultima tokens! Ultima Cashback becomes a link between breakthrough blockchain technologies and the real economy, making the daily life of every ULTIMA community member even better!

You can a find detailed tutorial on how to buy and activate a license in the Ultima Cashback section of our Help Center : https://blog.platinworld.com/en/help-center/

ULTIMA is in the spotlight of popular tech resource TECH TIMES

The authoritative Tech Times paid attention to the technological products of the ULTIMA ecosystem that are integrated into people’s daily lives. The resource detailed the unique capabilities of our products.

Read more about our benefits and features here:  https://www.techtimes.com/articles/292551/20230613/ultima-empowering-entrepreneurs-and-everyday-users-in-the-world-of-digital-assets.htm

Webinars with the founder of ULTIMA

The ecosystem founder Alex Reinhardt is holding a series of webinars this week. At the meetings, community members will learn about the opportunities and benefits offered by Ultima Cashback, and, of course, they will have a chance to ask their questions to the founder!

Find the current schedule of webinars on our telegram channels.