PLC Ultima weekly digest: active event planning, growth in popularity for the car and real estate programs, and other PLCU growth factors 

30 May 2022


Congratulations on the start of a new week—now let’s take a look back at the previous one! June might go down in history as one of the most difficult months for the crypto market. But the PLCU team is up for the challenge and continues to pursue its strategy with confidence. Every day, we’re working hard to actively develop our products, improve our technologies and grow the community. As a result, the price of the coin remains high and stable.

One of the actions aimed at strengthening the PLCU was the reduction of the max load, which created a natural deficit of coins, thus speeding up the price growth. In addition, more than 2000 PLCU will be burned very soon, which will give the coin additional stability.

We also continue to actively develop our Car and Real Estate programs. And, perhaps, the most important event of the past week was the Car Party, which took place over the weekend in Cologne, Germany. Guests at the event drove home in their own cars, paying only half the price for them! This was done by purchasing certificates that enabled them to buy a vehicle in Europe for a cost equal to the certificate’s face value. Guests activated their certificates at the car dealership, and they were able to choose the car of their dreams! Car Party participants also had the opportunity to place an order for a car or another vehicle that was not available in the showroom.

There’s not much time left before three grand events in Dubai: AFRICAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI, INDIAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI (Dhanish&Rajendra Team Event) and INDIAN ULTIMA CONVENTION DUBAI (Yash&Vinod&Tarun Team Event). Thousands of participants from all over the world will come to these events!

Our team is actively developing two more products in the PLC Ultima ecosystem: the Platin Hero crowdfunding platform and the PlatinDeal marketplace. By the way, you can get all the news firsthand and get answers to your questions at the webinars with Alex Reinhardt, which will be held this week!