PLC Ultima weekly digest: 3 grand events in Dubai, growth against all odds, and Ultima Farm improvements

7 June 2022


Once again, we’re excited to sum up the results of the previous week, which was filled with many incredible events!

Three events in Dubai! 

We hosted three high-profile events in Dubai at once (one for African partners and two for our Indian community), bringing together nearly 5 thousand guests in total! We actively covered the events in our social networks, and that’s why we’ve waited so long to sum up the results of the past week. 

These were three amazing days filled with bright emotions, lots of networking, and a powerful boost of motivation for our guests. Dozens of guests approached the team and shared how much PLC Ultima has changed their lives, giving them financial freedom and fulfilling their long-awaited dreams!

The event on June 6 was particularly special — this day coincided with Alex Reinhardt’s birthday. He celebrated this special day with the community, who surprised him with a huge cake and dozens of other gifts! Another surprise was the performance of Guru Randhawa, one of the most popular performers in India! These were some unforgettable days, but we promise that the future is even brighter – we’re already working on new projects for our Indian community that promise to be even more massive!

Photos from our Indian community event:

PLC Ultima Success Strategy

The PLC Ultima coin continues to strengthen despite market sentiment. Let’s see which factors are responsible for its position.

First of all, our revolutionary car and real estate programs continue to gain popularity. Therefore, our team has decided to launch programs for citizens of all countries in the PLC Ultima community, and we’re actively working on rolling them out for our members! 

Our coin is maintaining a confident position in the market thanks to our reliable partners — the Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange. They follow a reasonable strategy, which ensures that each transaction on the trading platform has a positive effect on the PLCU rate. This happens for several reasons: firstly, users are able to sell even a small amount of coins on Coinsbit, and this happens due to limits — orders that are equally distributed between sellers and buyers. Secondly, unlike other crypto exchanges, which are almost always focused on “trading down”, Coinsbit follows a different strategy, prioritizing the constant growth of the coin rate. In order for the PLCU coin to continue to show positive dynamics and growth, all members of the PLCU community need to unite in their actions — make sure to use the Coinsbit platform for all your operations 🔥

Our product team is also hard at work — last week, they finished setting up a dark theme for the ultimafarm.com website. Check out the site to see the update!

We’d also like to remind you that this week Alex Reinhardt is hosting webinars for our community members. You can find the current schedule in our Telegram channels.