PLC Ultima news of the week: new reviews, important updates and more

5 September 2022

Friends! By tradition, we start a new week with summing up the results of the past one. This week has been incredibly busy: new reviews have been published in the media, we have updated our key Ultima Wallet and Ultima Farm applications, and also have burned 5000 PLCU! 

Don’t miss the unique opportunity!

One of the coolest news of the week: Ultima Minters licenses will remain on sale until September 7 inclusive! This means that you still have a few days left to purchase minting licenses on the most favorable terms and mine PLCU coins, the value of which is constantly growing, for another year! 

Great update to Ultima Wallet

There have been several important updates to the Ultima Wallet app. We have made the design of the Ultima Wallet interface more convenient and attractive for users, added support service for the PLCUX coin, the possibility of termination of PLCU smart contracts, and also significantly improved the security of user data by implementing the mnemonic phrase functionality for registering new wallets. More information about the updates on our telegram channel. 

You can update the Ultima Wallet app for IOS here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ultima-wallet/id1601950194

Ultima Wallet for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ultimawallet

The Ultima Farm app for Android is available for update through this link:


New coin burnings

Also this week, the PLC Ultima team has burned 5000 PLCU in favor of the community, which in dollar terms is about $35 000 000! The transaction is available at the link:


Last week, the launch of the PLCUX coin also took place, the main task of which is to generate new coins in the PLC Ultima ecosystem. The PLCUX coin has become an entry point for all new users of the ecosystem. Moreover, PLCUX is traded only for PLCU, that significantly increases the demand and the rate of our main coin.

You can find out all the details about PLCUX in our video: https://youtu.be/ithtxQnE6RY

We remind you that this week Alex Reinhardt will hold a series of webinars in five languages, where he will share important news and plans. The current schedule, as always, is on our telegram channels.

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