PLC Ultima News of the Week: Dubai Hosts Grand Event Diamonds ULTIMA Convention

24 October 2022

Friends! In Dubai, the main event of the week and the fall was Diamonds ULTIMA Convention, a glorious event for diamond partners. The event was attended by more than 2500 community members with a diamond rank and above from 120 countries, including India, Mongolia, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, and Kazakhstan.

Important announcements and incredible surprises from the team and creator of PLC Ultima

An important part of the event was the speech by the creator of PLC Ultima, Alex Reinhardt, during which guests learned about the team’s phenomenal plans, marveled at the work accomplished during the year, and were inspired by new achievements! In addition, Alex presented unique and unprecedented cashback programs, including Ultima Travel Club, which allows you to book the best hotels, buy plane tickets, and much more with a considerable profit – up to 90%! And one of the major announcements was the presentation of PLC Ultima’s exchange, a project on which the entire technical team of PLC Ultima worked for a very long time. As a result, the business will soon be up and running in full force!

A world-class afterparty featuring international stars!

Another essential component of this fantastic day was the afterparty, where world-class stars performed. So, the guests could communicate in a relaxed atmosphere, make new valuable acquaintances, and have a good time! K-Maro performed their hits in English and French – a pop singer whose songs touch the heart, beloved in Russia and countries around, trio Ivanushki International, and Harrdy Sandhu, an Indian singer whose YouTube songs gain hundreds of millions of views!

 The award ceremony was also a significant event moment, at which Alex Reinhardt, the project’s creator, awarded more than 2,000 active partners. You can see the video of the award ceremony on our social networks.

We thank each event participant for choosing PLC Ultima, supporting any of our ideas, and having the courage to go to the end! Also, the PLC Ultima team is already planning new events in other cities worldwide and working on creating new products. Be sure to follow us on our social networks to stay up to date!